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Thank you very much for visiting climatediet.com. The purpose of this site is to inform the general public about the challenge of human-caused climate change, and to introduce quick and easy strategies that we can all use to reduce our impact on the climate. Yes, our global warming crisis is serious. Scientific evidence proving the relationship between the human production of heat trapping greenhouse gasses and a persistent increase in global mean temperature is overwhelming. However, scientists also believe that if we collectively act now, we can slow the damaging impact of warming on our climate, for both ourselves and future generations.    

A new and exciting book, The Climate Diet, offers hundreds of easy to use tips and strategies that we can use to empower ourselves to take personal responsibility for our own contribution to climate change; through reducing our consumption of the world’s scarce resources and adopting exciting new technologies that are sure to create new jobs and become engines for future growth. It has never been easier for families to cut back on their use of fossil fuels and protect the climate. By using the familiar language of weight loss, The Climate Diet explains climate change concepts, problems and solutions in ways that anyone can easily understand.

We invite you to explore climatediet.com, which provides a wealth of information on a variety of topics including:

  • Ten Good Reasons to go on a Climate Diet.
  • Going for the Gold: The nuts and volts of Climate Diet success.
  • Creating a Climate Diet home: lighting, heating, appliances and more.
  • Climate friendly shopping, eating, recycling and more.
  • Hit the road the climate-wise way: Private cars and public transportation.
  • Community strategies for a better climate.
  • Up to date information on the science behind global warming.

For a full discussion of each topic, pick up your own copy of The Climate Diet today.


--Invitation to Participate--

To learn more about sustainability initiatives by Dr. Harrington and other community activists in his home town of Mercer Island WA, visit our IslandVision Sustainability website.








Climate Diet nominated for Books for a Better Life Award

The Climate Diet was nominated for a prestigious Books for Better Life Award (2008), a competition which is sponsored by the New York Chapter of the MS Society.

Bill McKibben endorses The Climate Diet
Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy and The End of Nature has endorsed The Climate Diet.

Jonathan Harrington interviewed for MSNBC.com article
Allison Linn, Senior Writer for MSNBC.com, interviewed Dr. Harrington about 'green consumerism' on May 27th, 2008.

Jonathan Harrington interviewed for Newsweek article
Sharon Begly, Senior Editor and science writer for Newsweek, interviewed Dr. Harrington about the issue of 'food miles.' The article appears in the April 14, 2008 print edition of the magazine.



climate diet

The Climate Diet is the must-have guide to the most important diet ever. If we all participate, the greenhouse gas emissions bulge can be beaten, leaving us with a slim healthy planet now and for the future.

Buy The Climate Diet today!

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United States (Amazon) http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=theclimatedie-20&l=as2&o=1&a=1844075338

Canada (UBC Press)

Canada (Amazon) http://www.assoc-amazon.ca/e/ir?t=theclimated08-20&l=as2&o=15&a=1844075338

United Kingdom (Earthscan)

United Kingdom (Amazon) http://www.assoc-amazon.co.uk/e/ir?t=theclimatedie-21&l=as2&o=2&a=1844075338

Germany (Amazon)

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